Anifascist Hip Hop artist murdered.

Update: There will be a rally in memory of Killah P and in protest against Golden Dawn at the Greek Embassy, this Saturday, 1pm. Join Facebook event.

Occupied London has published a list of planned protests and is updating regularly with new developments in response to the murder.

Last night 34-year-old man, Pavlos Fyssas, was stabbed and killed in the area of Amfialh in Athens. As Hip Hop artist Pavlos was known as Killah P. According to what we know so far, there was verbal conflict which ended with Pavlos being stabbed to the heart and in the abdomen.

The perpetrator was with around 10 other black-dressed people and was arrested hours later. The perpetrator had the knife with him at the time of arrest. According to sources DIAS police officers were present during the fight without intervening. The ambulance arrived with a 35-minute delay at the murder scene and Pavlos succumbed to his injuries after being taken to hospital.

Antifascists gathered at the hospital and the location of the killing last night. Today there is a call for antifascist demo at 6pm at the location of the murder.

Originally it was said that the fight began as a dispute about football but later on the story changed.

R.I.P Pavlov Fyssas.


Enet, Ekathimerini

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