October Tour Listings and Details

We’ll be screening throughout October in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Scroll down for details of the screenings and links to venues. We’re also about to release an international DVD with subtitles in 12 languages, so watch this space! Into the Fire October 2013 Tour Listings: 04.10. Eeklo, Belgium, N9 Muziekclub with […]

London Protest Against Golden Dawn in Memory of Pavlos Fyssas

On the night of September 17th, the 34-year old antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) was murdered by a member of fascist party Golden Dawn, who received 7% in the 2012 elections. Find out more. Today, September 21s, antifascists gathered outside the Greek embassy in a show of solidarity to Greek antifascists and in […]

Into the Fire goes on Tour in October

Into the Fire: The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece is going on tour next month. Screenings will happen in Belguim, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Full details of the screenings are now available here. We’re still finalising the schedule, and we’re looking to add a few more dates over the next few days. […]

Anifascist Hip Hop artist murdered.

Update: There will be a rally in memory of Killah P and in protest against Golden Dawn at the Greek Embassy, this Saturday, 1pm. Join Facebook event. Occupied London has published a list of planned protests and is updating regularly with new developments in response to the murder. Last night 34-year-old man, Pavlos Fyssas, was […]

Petition to EU: End Operation Zeus and Release Detainees in Greece

58,707 people have signed a petition at the time of posting this calling for EU member states to pressure Greece into putting a stop to Operation Zeus and releasing detainees: First migrants and recent immigrants were rounded up from Greece’s streets and forced into internment camps.Then they threw the drug users in. Next came the […]

Radiobubble: Keep the news coming!

Radiobubble is an open medium for communication and information, run by a community of volunteers. It is based in Athens, even though many of its volunteers live in other cities around the world. It operates on the basis of relationships of trust and mutual respect. It doesn’t follow the hierarchical structure of conventional, mainstream media. […]

The refusal of the police authorities to respond

The Racist Violence Recording Network was set up in 2011 by the UNHCR and 23 Greek NGOs to record racist violence in Greece. For the police, racist violence doesn’t exist. There are no numbers because there are no records of crimes motivated by racism. The annual report for 2012 was published yesterday. It starts by […]

We are live! Watch, embed, share!

Into the Fire is being crowd-released today: All over the internet people are embedding Into the Fire on their website or blog. With everyone who participates the audience will grow. And because the audience are also the distributors, the distribution network grows as well. Are you participating? If you have embedded the film or seen […]

Bloodstrawberries in Manolada

When immigrant workers from Bangladesh demanded their wages after going unpaid for six months, in Manolada, Greece, their supervisors shot at them. Over 20 were injured and had to be treated in hospital. x-pressed reports that police are going into the hospital to arrest and deport them, and journalists are being chased off the farm […]