Health, Heating, Housing: Solidarity Now!


Ahmed is a fisher from Egypt who has been in Greece for years. One night he was attacked by Golden Dawn. We visited him the day following the night time attack, and published a video and photo slideshow. His story is also featured on Solidarity Now, together with other stories of those hit by austerity.

Solidarity Now is a new campaign to help those hardest hit by the Greek crisis. They are planning to set up ‘Solidarity Centres’ on the ground offering shelter and essential care.


Solidarity Centres will offer space to new and existing civil society organisations in Greece, facilitating cooperative community solutions to pressing social and economic problems. Each locally run Centre will address the unique needs of its community. Essential services provided at Solidarity Centres may include health, heating, housing, legal aid, job-seeking assistance, and support for vulnerable groups including the elderly, the sick, migrants, and asylum seekers.


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