Racist and Violent – Channel 4 on Golden Dawn

Channel 4 published a report on Golden Dawn Racist, anti-semitic, violent – the true face of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn gets a lot of airtime here, but probably not the way they’d like. Golden Dawn spokesman Kasidiaris told GR Reporter they were considering suing Channel 4. It wouldn’t be surprising. Kasidiaris is currently on trial accused of participating in an assault on a student in 2007.

In June 2011, we were waiting for him outside the court house in Athens, where he was supposed to go on trial for that same offense. He didn’t show up. At the time an arrest warrant was out for him, after he assaulted politicians from opposing parties on life TV.

He later went on to sue one of the women he assaulted.

Hearing the horrible things said in the Channel 4 report sounded eerily familiar. In one interview, an SEK member who has been a political activist since the dictatorship, told us how their offices were attacked. According to him, police arrived together with people in civilian clothes, and banged at the door. Those not in uniform were shouting at them: “We will turn you into soap!” He says they later found out that those were members of Golden Dawn.

Apparently the Channel 4 report has led to an investigation. It is beyond time. Police have been sending crime victims to Golden Dawn, voted for Golden Dawn in the last elections, and there are claims that Golden Dawn has infiltrated the police. Javied Aslam, of the Immigrant Workers Union in Greece says about Golden Dawn attacks on immigrants and refugees: “From police, from the state, they have an open permit”

When looking at Greece and Golden Dawn, one thing needs to be pointed out: Greece is one of the European border countries. Many refugees arrive in Greece on their way to other European countries. The European Dublin II regulation, forces them to remain in Greece, where they are at risk of racist attacks, some of them deadly.

Another video shows, that they are not only at risk from neo nazi Golden Dawn, but also police brutality.

Europe needs to open the borders with Greece and allow refugees to seek sanctuary in a place where they are not at risk of inhuman and degrading treatment and being murdered on the streets.


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