Dublin 2

4 weeks to go: Online release set for 21st April!

We will release Into the Fire – The Hidden Victims of Austerity in Greece in four weeks time. For this release we are trying something new. The plan is to make the film available for free, so online communities can take the role of a conventional broadcaster or distributor. The audience will be our distribution network. […]

Racist and Violent – Channel 4 on Golden Dawn

Channel 4 published a report on Golden Dawn Racist, anti-semitic, violent – the true face of Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn gets a lot of airtime here, but probably not the way they’d like. Golden Dawn spokesman Kasidiaris told GR Reporter they were considering suing Channel 4. It wouldn’t be surprising. Kasidiaris is currently on trial […]

Petitioning the Greek government

The European Campaign for Human Rights in Afghanistan has started a petition on Change.org, asking the Greek government to “[i]mprove the situation for refugees in Greece who are living in destitution”. To: the Greek government Petition: Thousands of Afghans flee their homes in Afghanistan and arrive in Greece each year for many different reasons such […]